Spirituality…From Hell to Heaven

What do you BELIEVE in?

I believe in love, I believe in action when push comes to shove“,

When life becomes heavy with problems, anxiety, and pain, what gets you through it to the OTHER SIDE, the greener, grassier, easier side?

When you can’t even get out of bed because your body is slowly shutting down, where does your focus go to? Your smartphone? 9-1-1? Your family? Your past and how you will be remembered?

Spiritual beliefs are the life raft that is thrown to us by God’s children, you know them right? That’s him, the Coast Guard diver who saves someone from shipwreck, that is the maker of the life raft, infusing his skills into making a float-able device that will save your life!

It is all around us! Just look up from your phone every once in a while and take a peek at what is passing you and me by faster and faster!

Stay tuned for stories of spirituality, how they found it, and what it takes to maintain it!



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