And So It Goes…About Us

And So It Goes…Magazine is a group of individuals who are just regular working, 9 to 5 Americans living in a world that is telling us that something is wrong. The magazine is designed around the idea that talking about our past, our present, our future, is what is going to save us from eventual destruction IF we head on the road we are on.

‘What road is that?’ You may be asking.

Inside this magazine will be stories of real life happenings and events that transformed and changed the author. The topics vary from diseases like addiction, cancer, and other life threatening conditions to relationships to family to Alcoholics Anonymous to Al-Anon to Narcotics Anonymous to Narc-Anon to every life issue in between.

We are the people, and we will be heard.

No more will I stand by and watch as my friends keep dying without anyone ever hearing about it.

No more will I be silent as society steps over the down trodden, the helpless, the sick and suffering souls that deserve every chance you got!

Helping others…there is no better reward than that!

If this magazine reaches one person in need of help, and helps that person get through their problem to a solution. One person, if that one person is helped…





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