Poem: Coffee

Sometimes in life we go through heartache, and heartbreak. Many choose to be silent, decline the world. Some eat ice cream and cry to their friends. But this young writer and poet, Charlotte Davidson, chose to write about it. In this poem, entitled “Coffee,” Charlotte tells the story of a boy who lured her in with new things. He “volunteered things [she] never knew,” so she was automatically interested in him and his tendencies. In the 2nd stanza, she describes how the relationship wasn’t what she expected, explaining that “concord streets just aren’t for [her].” But near the end of the stanza she exclaims that even though she chose to leave him, it wasn’t fair that he left her abandoned. No call, no texts, and no emails. She tells the boy in the 3rd stanza that “we were more than just a social affair,” meaning that he still meant something to her. Near the end of the poem she says that she sees him again, and she tells the reader that she wants to go back to him.

This poem is for everyone who is still stuck on an ex. It combines traditional rhyme with extensive vocabulary, and it uses the motifs of coffee and blue throughout the poem. These motifs are malleable to the reader, and can represent what they think they represent. The repetition really lures in the reader, just like the boy lured in the girl. This poem is one of my absolute favorites, and it plays towards every heartstring out there. Enjoy.


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