I’m a good person.

Forgetting modesty for just a minute, I want people to be happy, if there’s a way to help someone I will, and I try to put the needs of other before mind. Sometimes my good intentions can stray from where they should be, but then again so can every ones. I tell the truth when it matters most, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, or smoke.

I know what hard work is, and unlike a lot of people I know, most the time I would choose that over the easy out. I grew up in a place where I never heard the words I’m proud of you. I grew up in a place where the words I love you only came after things like “Okay it’s time to go into surgery.”. (I tried to come up with another example, but I couldn’t find one.)

The place I grew up was hard, strict, and unforgiving. I don’t say all this for sympathy, or for pity, because no one benefits from either of those things. As I write these words I remember things that I have said to people for years after telling them the stories of unfairness at my “home”. (Yes notice the “”).

I do know that the people that raised me raised me right, and the person I am today is a lot because of them. In way I would like to thank them, because, as sad as it may sound, it taught me who I should not be. It taught me the different between wrong in right. Examples: 1.Kicking out their 18yr old, because she slept over her friends house after them saying no? -that is wrong.

2.Trying to push them to wear certain clothes, by insulting them? -wrong.

3.Threatening to take away everything, because they don’t want to go to church? -wrong. 4.Giving one of their kids piano lessons, but not giving the other one guitar? -wrong The way I see it: 1.Communication at a very early age is very, very important. 2.Who cares?

4.You can’t force religion on someone.

5.Be fair. Anyone reading this could say that I’m being stupid, and hey I might be, but when you see that you’re being treated unfairly especially from the ones you want to make proud, it’s hard.

When all you want to to be told you did well, even if you know you did, it kills you slowly to realize it’s a losing battle.

~Hayley Fray


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