There Will Come a Time

When no human power will stop you from doing this one thing…you are powerless over it and I can tell you now that your mind will not think so. Your mind is the ruler of your life and unfortunately it will lead you down the wrong road to pain, suffering, and our good friend misery.

Listen to your thoughts…

What do they smell like? Some thoughts stink of negativity and fear, and leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. We as humans do not understand our own thoughts and where they come from. But once a thought comes in, it is how we deal with it that matters, how we act out the thought is the crux of all behavior.

Everything begins with one single thought.

Say a thought comes in to your head that is so completely crazy, yet legitimate and almost reasonable that you consider it, you play with it, you entertain it.

For example: you just got out of jail after serving a year for getting high on drugs…

And a week after you are out…the same thought that came into your head that got you into trouble in the first place reappears. At first you dismiss it like a bug, but it keeps coming back and landing on your consciousness…

You know in your rational mind that to do drugs again is pure suicide and will probably end in either jail or death, if you’re lucky.

Yet something is not right inside. You spent the whole year playing cards, playing ball, and working out. Not to mention many many many lonely nights masturbating to pictures in maxim and curves…nothing really changed you are still the same person who went into jail a year earlier…just another year older…inside you are carry the weight and load of resentment and rage born out of a traumatized childhood…but it went undiagnosed and there you stand at the crossroads for the thousandth time.

All it takes is a decision.

The fear can seem so real and the lies so convincing that it looks impossible to not take something into your body to escape the demons hunting your peace and hunting your sanity…

You keep imagining that drug and how it will make you feel, that rush, that sweet release….

Then God gets tired of helping you and realizes you are not ready to serve the good army and help others….which is why we are all here…

Try again next life…



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