Circle of Love

He walks alone in the morning sun feeling the sand beneath his feet as he trudges onward, forward, continuos one step after another towards an unknown fate. He trudges. And trudges, legs heavy with regret and anger, head light with thoughts of giving up. What drives this sorry excuse for a human being on his last chance to do the right thing? What motivates him? Why does he continue to get back up after every fall…and he falls hard.

Up ahead in the distance is a group of people, strangers to him, sitting around in a circle.

He watches his feet sink into the sand after each step, approaching this group of men and women as if he knew them all along. He takes a seat in the sand outside the circle and says a modest hello to no one and anyone who cared. Immediately he feels a change coming over him, something is changing what it is he has no clue.

The outside world did not exist anymore.

All that mattered was the moment and how it was shared with one another. Who were these interesting and different characters wearing bathing suits and sunglasses?

These were members of a secret cult. One of the nicest and most welcoming cults too.

For the first time all day, perhaps all week, he shut up and listened. This was amazing to his friends, who judged him or didn’t care why he went to this cult.

In this cult he sits on the sand in a nice beach, in the morning, while people on vacation walk by and look. He listens to another persons life and experience told through voices he recognizes as being good people, good souls. To him the meeting is a form of meditation. His mind never stops tormenting him with a constant onslaught of thoughts. This is how he changes from a bad person who hurts others to someone who has a heart of love and gives it to others.

The world around us is growing dark with shadows and if you don’t believe in demons then you have been fortunate enough to not meet one! Watch the news for 10 minutes and you will see suffering and pain, and no answers!

The answer is in changing from within. Why do you we still scratch at the surface with our opinions and our titles of expertise? When has that solved those problems? Yet when something tragic happens like a plane crash or a mudslide that instantly kills hundreds and rips away our friends and family…what does the authority do? Camera mobs stalk and harass the privacy of these hurting and grieving people who are so fragile yet we as a collective society don’t even talk about it…maybe between the audience but overall the problem only worsens and we all suffer.

Until one of us changes within and begins to express that change to his community! Calling all superheroes where are the good guys?

Help one another, and stick up for your neighbor, get to know one another…because when it comes down to it, we are only worth the amount we help others…not a bank balance or popularity or number of twitter followers…get real!

He raises his hand in the silence of the circle, and a woman sitting directly across from him noticed the man on the outside and pointed her finger indicating he could speak.

The circle was focused on this young man in his twenties who began with his name in a Boston accent. Slow and deliberate he tells everyone he is new to the area, and doesn’t know anyone. He talks how alone he feels in the battle against evil and the negative things in life like addiction and other disorders. How hard it is to keep positive during times when suicide seems the only option! He tells this group of strangers where he is from, and what his life was like, and how he changed from a bad person into a good person. He speaks in a voice that rises in confidence as he goes on connecting with the circle.

He notices men and women nodding their heads once in a while, and he notices them actually listening to what he says.

He describes how his world is so misunderstood and so lost in confusion and ignorance. He tells the group that he needs help, and he tells them why: so he can get back to what he loves in life!

He doesn’t come to this meeting because he is an alcoholic, he comes to this meeting because he needs to connect with other people, and share the pain that is inside of him.

He tells the truth, and he listens to others express themselves through self-analysis and introspection. Half way through the meeting he feels different compared to at the beginning when he sat down in the sand outside of the circle.

He is just like me and you, a regular guy, who cannot be himself without first finding what that self is and looks like.

The meeting lasts an hour and everyone seems to stand up on cue. The strangers look to their left and right and grab the hands extended to them. The circle is now connected by human links, and the energy is pure love and healing power that exists in the middle of the circle.

As people walking by on the beach stare at this strange event happening right in front of them, the circle recites the Lords Prayer in unison.

This is what happens at an AA meeting, that stands for Alcoholics Anonymous, and it is the greatest movement that is still saving lives of hopeless addicts across the world!

The thing is? These meetings are for everyone. And they are secret and anonymous, so people walk right by because they weren’t invited!

Bill Wilson is the founder, and in the book of AA he says that one day…this 12 step process could help everyone, not just addicts.

Time to open up our doors and show the churches what spirituality is!



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