Jesus Teaching

Jesus explains what the nature of God is, and what our own nature is; tells us the meaning of life and of death; shows us why we make mistakes; why we yield to temptation; why we become sick, and impoverished, and old; and, most important of all, he tells us how these evils may be overcome, and how we may bring fulfillment into our lives, and into the lives of others.

Jesus warns us, not once but often, that obstinacy in sin can bring very severe punishment, and that a man who parts with the integrity of his soul – even though he gain the world – is a tragic fool. But he teaches that we are only punished for – and actually punished by – our own mistakes; and he teaches that every man or woman, no matter how steeped in evil and uncleanness, has always direct access to an all-loving, all-powerful Father-God, who will forgive him, and supply His own strength to him to enable him to find himself again.

if ye know that he is righteous, ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is born of him(1 John 2:29)

Over the past few years I have been getting closer to this power everyone calls God. A part of God is this image of Jesus and his likeness: love and service. As I live each day to help someone else out there in the world, I see how Jesus never died. He is an archetype, a group of ideas and principles, that I am forever striving to perfect. The closer I get to perfection, the closer I get to you, and finding myself in the process.

When I shake your hand and meet you, and talk with you, and connect…I am meeting not just a human being, but also a focal point of God. I am meeting a potential Jesus, depending on the amount of love they have and if they give it to others.

All my life I searched for answers in anything that gave me a feeling of love. Even if that feeling was temporary and fleeting. The shortest paths to love are the most destructive in the long run. I am still picking up pieces of wreckage from the past. I meet fellow spirits who are doing the same.

We seek refuge in the safety of our souls. We find comfort in the love we give to one another. We survive each day by talking, listening, and relating to one another through stories and expression of words.

As one child of a Vietnam veteran said, whose father was saved by opening up and talking…”Just talking and listening, writing down your story, it can mean life or death.”

To all of my friends,

I love you.

Email to tell your story…and save not just your life but the life of someone else who needs help!


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