What Are Angels For?

As they sat there talking on Facebook like two giggling gals from down South, nothing really mattered except a properly placed LOL and maybe a smiley face with that seductive little wink. Nothing mattered because nothing existed outside of that computer screen. Life to them was about checking messages, liking things, and commenting on anything and everything the girls felt really, truly mattered.

O the lack of HUMANITY!

Until their next door neighbor was invaded by an evil army of masked men with guns…

“The victims said the gunmen were ‘nice’…” about the whole duct taping them to the bed and chair, stealing money and jewelry from them!

Only then did they look up from their computers with scared little innocent teen girl faces and realized something…they didn’t know what to do. But they would never tell you that and admit they were wrong! No, they delete the message and move on as if nothing ever happened.

But something did happen. Our neighbor was attacked, tied up with duct tape, and robbed at gunpoint by masked men. They will not find them, because they are professionals, and they are already ahead of you on that one. So what does a community do when things like this happen? What is the strategy to cope, to defend, to protect the civilians?

It happened in a gated community! Apparently these places are an illusion of safety compared to regular divisions. But what if it was an inside job, and the landscape workers or guards or internal personnel were in on it? Hypothetically speaking, and we can speak freely if it is to help the people that were robbed, and ensure the safety of the people who are laying in the open.

In the event of an emergency situation, most people are clueless and are left to fend for themselves against a threat that is unknown. Are we to let these robberies and home invasions conquer us to the point of submission in FEAR? Especially since there are so many ex-soldiers waiting for a chance to do their job: protect the people such as their families, their friends and loved ones, and the country!

Since they have no direction when they return from active duty in the Middle East, young veterans turn to drugs, drinking, and ultimately suicide just to escape what they saw in combat. Yet what is each community doing about it? We have become so bloody numb to what and who is around us: they are just like you! It is like a brain without any connection to the body and the functions, so it just sits around and thinks of things that it won’t do.

I bet if you woke up a captain in the military from World War II, like my grandfather, from the grave and asked him what he thought of our country today…

Shamefaced and annoyed at the younger generations inability to come together and fight for a country he fought for and lived to create my family, my mother his daughter, and so it goes…


When life becomes consumed by fear, there is no telling what will happen, since fear is evil and evil knows hell. Do you know it? It is in not being able to sleep again for weeks after being tied up and had a gun pointed at your head. Have you ever been in that situation? It is interesting. All of what you know and who you are as a person just fades away and you are left with two options: live or die. That is the choice the gun is forcing on your life, and it is up to the finger on the trigger to decide which one is correct.

Where there is evil there is the force of good which is the only force, as this is what people come back to when they return from a dance with the devil. It is the constant, the silence, and evil is a noise in the night. It comes, and it goes. What remains is your true self, and the soul that guides it. If you know how to pray, then pray for the families who were forced to watch gunmen take the wedding rings of the parents and rummage through their home.

What is going on? This was the first time a home was invaded in 9 years, according to official NBC-2 news coverage, and now there have been two total home invasions. These crimes are done by the dirtiest criminals, you know the type, the sociopathic and the desperate. Then ask if the police are able to protect you when they come onto your property. It takes at least 5 to 10 minutes if they are nearby for them to come to your aid. They are a good option when you only have one, but how can protect and defend your home without a gun?

Who is going to help them?

It is the angels of good that can guide people to help in ways that have not been seen too much around here. Ways like getting to know your neighbor and offering your help in case anything happens like a home invasion. Ways like looking out for one another instead of just looking out for ourselves. Protect your family, protect your neighbor, protect yourself.  If they come in with guns, unless you are Chuck Norris in a karate film, just do what they say.

As a victim of home invasion, I know the fear that can change the way you act. I felt the gun muzzle on my temple, and there was nothing I could do but stare off and pray.

God be with all of you!





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