Ocean of Emotions

by Anonymous


There are times when life seems to be losing its light and all I can see is darkening skies and fake faces behind prime time lies.

This is the origin of my pain. It resonates with moments of the past that I used to wake up to every day and pray for the end…

Like a squall the storm rises and rages across the waters of my soul without warning. I sail across it in this body of mine, alone, with only the thought of love and God as my rudder. I steer a course through fate holding on to the faith I have been building ever since that day….

Sometimes the storm is over before it starts, other times it lasts for days with moments of sunshine in between the rain and wind and thunder and lightning and crashing waves threatening to capsize this small vessel. The ocean of emotion is infinite and fathoms deep.

The sunshine is you. The rays are your words and deeds that are kind and loving. The feeling of warmth on my skin gives me hope to weather the storm, to hold on, and be strong not just for me but for those around me. When you help me, I help them…

All of the pain, all of the suffering, all of the things in the past that give us sharp stabs to the heart and hard jabs to the gut…

All of it is for a special reason…You were chosen to tell a story. Not just any story…YOUR story…the one filled with challenges, trauma, evil, sickness, trouble…

Because someone out there is going through the same thing you are…

Because someone out there needs to read your story to give them hope, to shine light into their darkness and to show them another way…

Another way of dealing with the suffering other than razors, pills, drugs, alcoholic, sex, food, TV, etc,…

And So It Goes…Hope.


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