WHAT do you really believe?

This is a vital question, because it is your real belief that determines your destiny. It is as a man thinketh in his heart that matters, says the Bible, and this means the heart-felt conviction as distinct from mere formal assent.
If you want to know what you really believe, you can easily find out. Simply watch what you do. We always do what we believe, although we frequently talk differently. Therefore watch what you do and this will give you a clue to your real beliefs.
If your conditions are not to your liking; if you feel that you are not making the most of your life, change your beliefs. Your present beliefs must be wrong if they are not producing harmony and satisfaction; so change them, and results will be changed too.
Start believing in health; and keep it up. Start believing in prosperity; and keep it up. Start believing in the Christ in those about you; and keep it up. Start believing that your own Divine Selfhood is rapidly unfolding; and keep it up.
Believe these things in your very heart, and act as though you believed them, and the results will surprise you.



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