A Day of Addiction

By Scotty Robotty

Start out every morning thinking today will be the day

Only to quickly realize my illness is at play

Taking hold of my body never letting me get ahead

It brings me to my knees wishing I were dead

I go out in hope of finding some kind of cure

With each passing moment it becomes more unsure

Committing terrible acts that seem to make no sense

Just want to kill the pain before it’s too intense

Convince myself in believing trying with all my might

Once I find the antidote everything will be alright

People all around me have no idea of the pain I’m going through

All they see is a waste of life from someone they once knew

I complete the day scoring my fix ending all my sorrow

Able to now rest my head and do it over again tomorrow.

-Paul S.

Taken from The Voice Inside

Poetry by Incarcerated Humans


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