Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Because we are children of a loving Father, we are entitled to expect that God will provide us fully with everything we need.

Children naturally and spontaneously look to their human parents to supply all their wants, and in the same way we should look to God to supply ours. If we do so, in faith and understanding, we shall never look in vain. It is the Will of God that we should all lead healthy, happy lives, full of joyous experience, that we should develop freely and steadily, day by day and week by week, as our pathways unfold more and more unto the perfect day. To this end we require such things as food, clothing, shelter, means of travel, books, and so on. Above all, we require freedom; and in the Prayer all these things are included under the heading of bread. Bread, that is to say, means not merely food in general, but all things man requires for a healthy, happy, free, and harmonious life. But in order to obtain these things, we have to claim them, not necessarily in detail, but we have to claim them, and, we have to recognize God ad God alone as the source and fountainhead of all our good. Lack of any kind is always traceable to the fact that we have been seeking our supply from some secondary source, instead of from God, Himself, the Author and Giver of life.

People think of their supply as coming from certain investments, or from a business, or from an employer, perhaps; whereas these are merely the channels through which it comes, God being the Source. The number of possible channels is infinite, the Source is One. The particular channel through which you are getting your supply is likely to change, because Change is the Cosmic Law for manifestation. Stagnation is really death, but as long as you realize that the Source of your supply is the one unchangeable Spirit, all is well. The fading out of one channel will be but the opening of another. If, on the other hand, like most people, you regard the particular channel as being the source, then when that channel fails, as it is very likely to do, you are left stranded, because you believe that the source is dried up – and for practical purposes, on the physical plane, things are as we believe them to be.

In short, we have to train ourselves to look to God, Cause, for all that we need, and then the channel which is entirely a secondary matter, will take care of itself. In its inner and most important meaning, our daily bread signifies the realization of the Presence of God – an actual sense that God exists not merely in a nominal way, but as the great reality; the sense that He is present with us, and the feeling that because He is God, all-good, all-powerful, all-wise, and all-loving, we have nothing to fear; that we can rely upon Him to take care of us, that He will supply all that we need to have; teach us all that we need to know; and guide our steps so that we shall not make mistakes. This is Emmanuel, or God within us, and remember that it absolutely means some degree of actual realization,  that is to say, some experience in consciousness, and not just a theoretical recognition of the fact; not simply talking about God, however beautifully one may talk, or thinking about Him; but some degree of actual experience. We must begin by thinking about God, but this should lead to the realization which is the daily bread or manna.

This is the Bread of Life, the hidden manna, and when one has that, he has all things in deed and truth. Jesus several times refers to this experience as bread because it is the nourishment of the soul, just as physical food is the nourishment of the physical body. Supplied with this food, the soul grows and waxes strong, gradually developing to adult stature. Without it, she, being deprived of her essential nourishment, is naturally stunted and crippled.

Another reason why the food or bread symbol for the experience of the Presence of God is such a telling one, is that the act of eating food is essentially a thing that must be done by oneself. No one can assimilate food for another. One may hire servants to do all sorts of other things for him, but there is one thing that one must positively do for himself, and that is to eat his own food. In the same way, the realization of the Presence of God is a thing that no one else can have for us. We can and should help one another in the overcoming of difficulties – “Bear ye one another’s burdens” – but the realization (or making real) of the Presence of God, the “substance” and “evidence” can, in the nature of things, be had only at first hand.

Jesus calls it our daily bread. The reason for this is very fundamental – our contact with God must be a living one. It is our momentary attitude to God which governs our being. “Behold NOW is the accepted time; behold NOW is the day of salvation.” The most futile thing in the world is to seek to live on a past realization. The thing that means spiritual life is your realization of God here and now.

The art of life is to live in the present moment, and to make that moment as perfect as we can by the realization that we are the instruments and expression of God Himself. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to make today all that it should be.

-Emmet Fox

The momentary attitude to God is so important if we want to live happy, content, and free from the insanity that is the world around us. One of the hardest things to do is hold on to God and to have a positive attitude during a storm, a tragedy, a hard time that threatens to overcome you with fear, anger, sadness, sorrow, guilt, lies…but if you can those things will disappear and fade away into nothingness from which they came. The world is filled with messages and most of them are not positive. From billboards to newspapers to television to radio…what is the dominant message being transmitted to us? Buy this, on sale now, drink this, smoke that, you need this! BUY BUY BUY!

We don’t need any of that shit. We need to stop and take a deep breath. We need to think of what God means to us, not just the idea of God but how he lives inside of and how we express Him. There are so many moments in the day, how can we possibly keep a momentary attitude toward God? The truth is that the human mind is so polluted with thoughts that it is almost impossible to do this perfectly. No one is perfect. It is progress not perfection. We must start somewhere. Start by each morning asking God to show you the way, to guide your thinking toward love, honesty, and positivity. As you go through the day check in on your thinking, and try to focus it on God.

I started doing this many years ago, and the result is self-evident: it worked! I went from being prey to misery, depression, fear, and racing thoughts that rose my heart to a gallop and ran my life into the ground because I self medicated. Thinking is the most important tool we have, but it can be a dangerous weapon when left unchecked and uncontrolled. Our thoughts are not even talked about in school growing up, no class is taught on learning how to think, and as we get older we find out just how powerful thinking can be when we watch kids kill themselves, kill others, and do things that are so destructive. It all starts in the thought.

Give us this day our daily bread

THIS DAY…today…we have all that we need to live happy and fulfilled lives. It is in this moment, the one we are both in right now as you read this…take a deep breath with me…breathe in God, love, truth, wisdom, understanding, anything you need right now…and exhale fear, lies, anger, confusion, and any negative thought…



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