Thy Kingdom Come


Man being manifestation or expression of God has a limitless destiny before him. His work is to express, in concrete definite form, the abstract ideas with which God furnishes him, and in order to do this, he must have creative power. If he did not have creative power, he would be merely a machine through which God worked – an automaton. But man is not an automaton; he is an individualized consciousness. God individualizes Himself in an infinite number of distinct focal points of consciousness, each one quite different; and therefor each one is a distinct way of knowing the universe, each a distinct experience. Notice carefully that the word “individual” means undivided. The consciousness of each one is distinct from God and from all others, and yet none are separated. How can this be? How can two thins be one, yet not one and the same? The answer is that in matter, which is finite, they cannot; but in Spirit, which is infinite, they can.

With our present limited, three-dimensional consciousness, we cannot see this; but intuitively we can understand it through prayer. If God did not individualize Himself, there would only be one experience; as it is, there are as many universes as there individuals to form them through thinking.

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Will Be Done

In Earth As It Is In Heaven

“Thy Kingdom Come” means that is our duty to be ever occupied in helping to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. That is to say, our work is to bring more and more of God’s ideas into concrete manifestation upon this plane. That is what we are here for. The old saying: “God has a plan for every man, and he has one for you,” is quite correct. God has glorious and wonderful plans for every one of us; He has planned a splendid career, full of interest, life, and joy, for each, and if our lives are dull, or restricted, or squalid, that is not His fault, but ours.

If only you will find out the thing God intends you to do, and will do it, you will find that all doors will open to you, all obstacles in your path will melt away; you will be acclaimed a brilliant success; you will be most liberally rewarded from the monetary point of view; and you will be gloriously happy. There is a true place in life for each one of us, upon attainment of which we shall be completely happy, and perfectly secure. On the other hand, until we do find our true place we shall never be either happy or secure, no matter what other things we may have. Our true place is the one place where we can bring the Kingdom of God into manifestation, and truly say, “Thy kingdom cometh”.

We have seen that man too often chooses to use his free will in a negative way. He allows himself to think wrongly, selfishly, and this wrong thinking brings upon him all his troubles. Instead of understanding that it is his essential nature to express God, to be ever about his Father’s business, he tries to set up upon his own account. All our troubles arise from just this folly. We abuse our free will, trying to work apart from God, and the very result is all the sickness, poverty, sin, trouble, and death that we find on the physical plane.

“In His Will is our peace” said Dante, and the Divine Comedy is really a study in fundamental states of consciousness, the Inferno representing the sate of the soul that is endeavoring to live without God, the Paradiso representing the state of the soul that has achieved its conscious unity with the Divine Will, and the Purgatorio the condition of the soul that is struggling to pass from the one state to the other. It was this sublime conflict of the soul which wrung from the heart of St. Augustine the cry:

“Thou hast made us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless until they repose in Thee.”

-Emmet Fox

My friend calls it the “God shaped hole”, that feeling inside of you that will not fill up and always feels empty no matter what you throw into it. Money, clothes, jewelry, cell phone, car, house, boat, toys, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food…no matter how much you try to fill it up…it is only when you find God that the hole fills up and you feel human again, and then all those material things seem petty and pathetic in the light of how awesome and beautifully powerful the spiritual experience is.

It helps to look at the world in this light. When I watch the news and read about in the newspapers all these tragedies and horrific events happening all around me, it is easy for me to get really angry and upset and want to scream because I am so sick of the bullshit…but when I stop, breathe in God and exhale fear…I see the truth. The truth is that those people are using their free will negatively and selfishly, and whether they know better or not, the outcome is the same: more suffering. Some are just straight evil, but at one point they were good people and it was something that happened to them that made them evil. We never know exactly what someone else has been through, and how they handled it is not ours to judge. The world is suffering, hurting, as if it has PTSD, and we are witnessing the damage that comes from not dealing with it.

The kingdom of God is within each one of us. Since God is Love, his kingdom is our bodies and we are the ones who open the gates and let the love reign.

Just listen to The Who – Love Rain O’er Me!


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