Hallowed Be Thy Name

In the Bible, as elsewhere, the “name” of anything means the essential nature or character of that thing, and so, when we are told what the name of God is, we are told what His nature is, and His name and nature Jesus says, is “hallowed”. Now what does the word “hallowed” mean? Well, if you trace the derivation back into Old English, you will discover a most extraordinarily interesting and significant fact. The word “hallowed”
has the same meaning as holy, whole, wholesome, and heal or healed.

So we see that the nature of God is not merely worthy of our veneration, but is complete and perfect – altogether good. Some very remarkable consequences follow from this. We have agreed that an effect must be similar in its nature to its cause, and so it goes, because the nature of God is hallowed, everything that follows from that Cause must be hallowed and perfect, everything that follows from that Cause must be hallowed and perfect too. Just as a rosebush cannot produce lilies, so God cannot cause or send anything but perfect good. As the Bible says, “the same fountain cannot send forth both bitter and sweet water.” From this it follows that God cannot, as people sometimes think, send sickness or trouble, or accidents – much less death – for these things are unlike His nature.

Hallowed be Thy name

“Thy nature is altogether good, and Thou are the author only of perfect good.”

If you think God has sent any of your difficulties to you, for no matter how good a reason, you are giving power to your troubles, and this makes it very difficult to get rid of them.

Emmet Fox

Man I wish I heard this teaching when I was a little kid. Every Sunday my mother used to literally drag me away from the Nintendo and make me go sit in those uncomfortable benches to hear the priest talk about hellfire and evil and FEAR FEAR FEAR. I tuned it out after a while because I couldn’t understand it anyways. I waited for the best part which was getting a snack from the priest and maybe a sip of wine, and that meant the service was almost over. When we left the church I always felt really good. I am not sure if that was the Presence of God or the simple fact that church was out for another week. When I was old enough to be on my own in high school I stopped going. I hated church, and I had no relationship with God who I thought was this big white guy in the sky with a big white beard and white robe and all that fairy tale nonsense that was implanted in my mind by some sorcerer of lies. Instead, I found my own God in drugs and alcohol and porn. I loved vice, and I loved to live on the edge and test the limits of life. But as I got older I found out the truth.

The truth was that even though all those things gave me instant pleasure, all it was doing was slowly killing my body as well as my mind and soul. Around me people saw me fading away into darkness, and they almost gave up hope. Some loved ones did, and the pain and heartache that followed from watching people walk away from me because of who I had become is indescribable. It was then that I started to wonder if I had been wrong about my decisions in life, maybe I was going the wrong way, and I was scared that it was too late for me that I was hopeless and that I could not get off it and back to my real self. The one people used to love. So I blamed God. He is an easy scapegoat because he cannot be seen or heard. Friends died, and I screamed at God asking why did you take them so young? I would see things happen, tragedies, and wonder where the hell God was to stop it?

All of my difficulties and troubles in life were of my own making. Not God’s. When I realized this I felt empowered and determined to rid my life of them until all that was left was love, happiness, and peace. I have not stopped trying to search out my self for the things that cause pain and suffering and cutting them out like a surgeon cuts out a cancerous tumor. This is the most important thing in life, the only thing worth doing, because with this comes everything else that is good in life.

After running away from the church and God, I was alone and scared and in the dark lost with no direction home. I prayed. I put everything I had into the words and I asked Him to take away the pain and show me the way. He showed me the way. I learned about a different kind of God. A God that was not a fairy tale but an actual Presence inside of me. This God was personal and friendly, and most importantly loving. God to me is Perfect Love. There were times after I found this God that I did some horrible things to other people, and I wound up in jail, and I fell into deep dark holes with drugs that absolutely destroyed my life…and the hardest thing was to face God after all this bad stuff I did and ask Him to forgive me. I have never cried so hard. The pain was like feeling my heart being squeezed and my throat being strangled. But when I was crying a thought came into my mind that I had shed enough tears, and been in enough pain, and it was time to start walking the talk and doing God’s will.


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