Which Art In Heaven

Having clearly established the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, Jesus next goes on to describe the fundamental facts of existence. It is the nature of God to be in heaven, and of man to be on earth because God is Cause, and man is manifestation. Here heaven stands for God or Cause, because in religious phraseology heaven is the term for the Presence of God. The word earth signifies manifestation, and man’s function is to manifest or express God as Cause. In other words, God is the Infinite and Perfect Cause of all things; but Cause has to be expressed, and God expresses Himself by the means of man.

Man’s destiny is to express God in all sorts of glorious ways. To express means to press outward, or bring into sight that which already exists implicitly. Every feature of your life is really a manifestation or expression of something in your soul. Some of this expression we see as his surroundings; first his physical body, which is really only the most intimate part of his embodiment; then his home; his work; his recreation; in short, his whole expression.

Since it is misunderstanding about the relationship of God and man that lead to all of our difficulties, it is worth any amount of trouble to correctly understand that relationship. Trying to have manifestation without Cause is atheism and materialism, and we know where they lead. Trying to have Cause without manifestation without manifestation leads man to suppose himself to be a personal God, and this commonly ends in megalomania and a kind of paralysis of expression.

The important thing to realize is that God is in heaven and man on earth, and that each has his own role in the scheme of things.

“Our Father which art in heaven.”

as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them…(Corinthians 6:16)


My whole life I repeated this prayer by rote like a parrot and had no idea what it meant. From CCCD class to first communion to confirmation in the Catholic church, not one priest or preacher or nun or teacher actually explained the Lord’s Prayer to me or anyone. Is it expected to just know right off the bat what it means? It is a prayer in poetic form, and we all know how confusing poetry is, so why wasn’t there some sort of understanding of it? Perhaps the religious people didn’t understand it either, and therefor neglected to teach the meaning of it to anyone.

Most importantly, I never put any feeling or any sort of spirit behind the words because of this misunderstanding. I would say it and feel like I satisfied some teacher or dictator by knowing the words and saying them perfectly, but what good is a prayer if you do not understand it and do not put any life into it? It is like throwing rocks at the sun: pointless. When I found this reading I was in need of change of thinking, because the way I was thinking was killing me slowly. I didn’t care about life and my part in it, and whether I lived or died really didn’t matter because what was the point? I kept failing, I kept falling down, I kept hurting other people…it was a dark time in my life.

The sunlight of the spirit is what saved me and brought me back to my real self, the one I knew as a kid, fun and loving and kind and happy.

When this prayer is understood the power that is given to the soul inside of you is infinite. As it says in the reading, To express means to press outward, or bring into sight that which already exists implicitly. Every feature of your life is really a manifestation or expression of something in your soul. I used to have hatred fear and rage in my soul, and it was expressed outward in the form of self-destruction and crime. It wasn’t until I fell to my knees and prayed to help that my soul began to change. I had to go inside the darkness of the soul with a God light and shine truth on all the shadows that created so much fear and lies in my life. I started to read these readings by Emmet Fox, and it helped to guide me while I transitioned from a sick, selfish, self-centered asshole into a healthy, selfless, God-centered whole person. I am still transitioning, but I am farther along than I was years ago. I have made tremendous progress, but also had tremendous setbacks and made some bad mistakes along the way…but I learned through it all, and today I am manifesting, expressing, pressing outward what exists inside…what is in my soul:


Baby hand in father's palm



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