Off The Road

by Charles St. Francis

Driving fast foot heavy on the gas speeding past these forgotten, cumbled, and broken steeples of people lying on the side of the road…crashed.

I swerve around wrecks and accidents without even a care to what the suffering these people carry in their passenger seats…out of gas engine broken down in defeat…I speed on by missing my many chances to meet—-new faces new places and new stories that make life complete.

Flashing lights blue red and white flood my sight until I can’t see past the never ending fight for one more breath, one more beat, one more chance to make it right in the face of death we all smile bright as if we knew all along that we were next.

As we move down the road over uncertain hills, I count how many friends and people I loved who were killed, too many to count one is enough if one life can amount to so much pain…when death tickles my brain and laughs that shrill cackle that makes my mind insane clinked up in shackles…

All around me are worn out faces and unfamiliar places, the former I miss sincerely the latter I can’t escape. What is left but to carry on the memory of what remains like marks on our heart that never go away, heartstains…

I love you Scott. I knew you for three weeks yet with this disease and all of its pain, suffering, peace, and bittersweet release…we find love, fellowship, a brotherhood whose link is stronger than any drug or drink.


May you finally be free Scott Reinhart…


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