The Triumph of Love

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven…(Matthew 5:44-45)

Right reaction is the supreme art of life, and Jesus compressed the secret of that art into a sentence when he said: Resist not evil. A correct understanding of this commandment will regenerate your body, liberate your soul, and remake your life.

Love is God and is therefore absolutely all-powerful. Meeting hatred with Love is the perfect method of self-defense in all circumstances. It renders you absolutely invulnerable to any kind of attack.

If you receive bad news, if you are unhappy in your work, or in your home, feel out mentally for the Presence of Divine Spirit, all around you; affirm its actuality, and claim that God has dominion over all conditions, and you will soon be free.

And this commandment have we from him, that he who loveth God love his brother also (John 4:21)

How many times I wished I could have gone back in time and changed how I reacted to something or someone that upset me. Sitting in a jail cell is a perfect place to do this. You have all the time in the world to pick apart the past and try to piece it back together in a way that doesn’t hurt so much. But then the puzzle shatters against the truth, because once you react and say or do something it is done, and there is no turning back. When I got angry, I would lash out and say something mean. It felt so good, an instant high, when I reacted like that. Over time however, I learned that it was not only hurting the other person, it was hurting me as well. Anger is poison for the body, and studies have proven this to be a fact. Being angry at someone is like taking poison into my body. No matter how righteous it is, no matter how much I am right, the anger I feel is hurting me too. If I want to get even and get back at someone for saying or doing something that hurt me…why would I get angry and hurt myself even more?

Growing up is hard. We adults got through it but have no idea how to explain it to children who are in the middle of it? In school it is like gladiator training with bullies in the halls and at recess, teachers that sometimes join in or who ignore it, and classes that have no meaning whatsoever other than to fill up the blocks of time until the bell rings. Growing up is painful, scary, and lonely. So why is the school system making it worse? We should be getting more involved with what goes on inside the elementary and high school walls, because look at what is happening on the news! As a society we are failing our kids. They need love, and they need it now more than ever.

When I was growing up I reacted with anger to everything and it was like nobody knew another way, or a solution to help me. As I got older the drugs and the booze amplified that anger and I turned it all inward as a way to express it, and it was through self-destruction. Instead of punching myself in the face or throwing myself into things, I decided to be classy and commit crimes. I would do the most stupid thing and get caught almost intentionally, fess up to the cops in the interrogation room, then serve my sentence in jail! When I came to in jail I would sit on that steel bunk and think: how the hell did I end up here again? It took a few years of this to finally realize that is was the anger I had inside that started it. It was the catalyst that was sparked by thoughts of getting even, getting revenge, hatred of a certain race or ethnicity, resentment over a childhood event, anything negative basically. Once the spark was ignited it was an unconscious chain reaction that manifested in breaking and entering, vandalism, and theft. There was no thought to the consequences because the way I felt trumped any rational thought like: “hey, this isn’t such a good idea buddy. You are gonna go to jail, you know you are gonna get caught, this is at least a year in jail, what are your parents gonna do? They are gonna kill you!” Nope, nothing. I only thought of the reward which was adrenaline, money, and more drugs and booze. It was like Mr. Hyde came out and the animal inside could only understand primal instincts, and that is how I acted. I had no solution.

It wasn’t until I had enough of the pain and suffering that I began to change. I had no idea I was changing, but the pain and suffering was doing that for me. I couldn’t stop the heart wrenching gut ripping guilt shame and remorse while I sat in jail again. I could barely breathe or swallow. All I remember is praying to God asking Him to take it away and if he did I would do whatever he wanted. Looking back I can see that I meant it. Ever since that moment when the pain receded and I felt okay, not just okay but good enough to get through a very hard time in my life, I “got the love”. This love led me in a complete 180 from where I was headed, which was an early grave, and guided me to someone who taught me about love and how to overcome anger. He showed me specific ways in which to deal with other people who upset me. He taught me how to pray, meditate, and live a life of principles in tune with the infinite.

This didn’t mean I was done out there ripping and running into oblivion, no, but this was a beginning. Once it begins it never stops growing and expanding inside the heart soul and mind until it is able to manifest on the outside. As within, so without. I went back to jail, I went back to detoxes and sober houses and holdings. But this time I was armed with something more powerful than any drug or drink or gun or tough guy…Love. Capital Love. I walked through scary moments with my heart pumping love out into the most sick and disgusting displays of human behavior, the grimiest of places, and I pushed out with my invisible hands of love as much positivity as I could. I was able to be the person I had always wanted to be: smiling, happy, content, and at peace with everyone. It took a lot of pain and bad things to happen to get to that point, but it was all worth it.

Now I go out and try to help others to get to that point.

Love life to the death, and keep planting my seed.

I’ll give all I got left, just to teach you to read.

Love life to the death, and keep reaching the seeds.

Because he that loveth God loves his brother and sister also, or else he doesn’t love God and doesn’t deserve to be called family until he or she does.


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