Praying on the Street

Walking down the street following the yellow slabs of concrete looking for another kindred spirit to make mine feel complete and totally free from the insanity that lies in between each passing scene…

Hello my faithful and always so friendly readers! I want to tell you all that I love you, from my heart to yours I reach out with a beam of light and love into your heart and connect. BOOM! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that today is a day that you can smile even if it is through tears, or laugh even during a tragedy…because no matter what is happening —– IT WILL PASS! The human spirit is endowed with infinite strength and love if only the human can become conscious of it…this is how I do it:

Walk out into a world so full of good and evil that I just smile at the contradictions passing by me in speeding cars going here and there, hustling to make a buck just to buy a duck to feed their family…I smile out loud and chuckle at some of the expressions I see…frowns and furrowed brows that stare at me for a single second before disappearing into the unknown where I will most likely never see that face again, nor they mine.

Music plays through the speakers imbedded in my head…”THROW UP YOUR HANDS AND SHOW SOME LOVE Y’ALL” is a lyric I hear from the one genre of music spitting a message so true that I just have to use it. And I ain’t talking about that bullshit radio noise on the billboard hits, that is not music…it is art being pimped out…I listen to the lyrics that talk about what Bob Dylan talked about when he traveled around and wrote songs based on what he saw happening in his country.

With the knowledge that I am one man, with the power of love and truth and the willingness to live those two things to the fullest, I stare back at these faces, and send them a prayer.

I hold the door for you, unbeknownst to you and your self-centered silence I pray for you…not condescendingly but compassionately…everyone is carrying a burden, and fighting a great battle…how can we be ANYTHING BUT COMPASSIONATE?

I pay for my drink at the 7-11, and I strike up a conversation about nothing…just conversation to recognize that you are a human and I am a human and hey! IT doesn’t matter if you are black and from another country, we can still agree smile and maybe laugh together! Wow, amazing. And that is what I try to do, to make you smile or laugh or feel better about working  a job that pays you minimum wage to be treated like a dignified slave, black white brown yellow tan it isn’t about color anymore it is about the have and the have-nots! The people are so beautiful! I have the best conversations with the clerks, the homeless ones outside the store bumming a dollar to go “buy a pizza”, the people passing by…the best one ever was yesterday.

I went for a run after working out trying to get HUGE like the guys in the magazine so I can feel better about myself because as long as I look good, I feel good right? LOL Anyways I am running down the street, and I see this older lady standing on the sidewalk of a busy street in Florida with a bike at her side. I run by and she waves, and I don’t reply…I run down the street 10-15 paces…I stop, and turn around. She kind of laughs, looking at me, and I run up to her.

“I just had to stop and turn around and say this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

She laughed this laugh that was worth all the time in jail, institutions, on the street, hurting and suffering…just that made my life better.

“I had to tell you! Good bye!” forever, and we both looked at each other one last time before I ran off the other way. I ran back 5 minutes later and she was gone…but as I think of it now, it is something more than just a nice thing to say…it is expressing prayer in action. It is walking the walk, not being afraid to say hello or just a random compliment that might make someone’s day better.

It reminds me of the concept of God as being our Father, and that we are all his children. If he is OUR FATHER, then we are all brothers and sisters. IF we are family, then how come we are living in the same house but not talking to one another? Like we are roommates!


To all my friends…

I love you.


One thought on “Praying on the Street

  1. I had so many experiences similar to what you described when I was a union organizer, now as a nurse I continue to ‘feel’ the love. The world is a good place filled with wonderful people , just being open to those thoughts opens many doors- literally and figuratively .

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