Charlie’s Angels

The time for talking is over.

The time for walking…is now.


Stay tuned to And So It Goes…Life
and look for a meeting near you.

I once knew a human so profoundly interesting that it took drugs and alcohol to understand him. We used to stay up late and talk about all the stupid shit that junkies talk, and hope one day some day we will finally rise from dirt and walk…enough talk it’s too late…


It is easy to make up words and put them in sentences, but think and use your imagination beyond the box and between the lines:


Welcome to And So It Goes…Writing Contest!


Have you ever wondered if you had a talent for writing?


Do you already express your thoughts, words, deeds, actions, daily doo dads, stories, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays, or just stream of consciousness through paper and pens? Do you sit up late at night and write, and write, and write on your little blog that has a couple followers and that is your world.


Enter by Thanksgiving

Send  your writing in an email to

All entries are anonymous

$10 Entry Fee

All writing will be judged by Professors and Professional editors from Cape and South Coast of Massachusetts.


WIN a BLUETOOTH STEREO SYSTEM Complete with AUX Cables and Speaker wire




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