Fatal Thoughts

Today a friend that I hadn’t talk to in a while tried to commit suicide.
The news shook me up a lot more than people would be able to see on the outside. This person was someone, that even though I hadn’t talked to in about a year I can still hear laugh. I remember all of her hairstyles and her views on many different subjects. I still have pictures of us at prom, and although she changed her name and got a new sense of style she will always be someone I laughed and had a good time with.
Sure she was found and brought to a hospital where she will hopefully get the help she needs but will it be enough? The blow that everyone felt to just hear the news that she even attempted this act is one that can not be described, or even shown by rivers of tears. The impact that I felt was something that I didn’t expect…mainly because it came a couple hours after finding out she was okay.
I have never lost anyone close to me, except my grandparents. Never before had someone close to me try to take their own life, and come this close to succeeding. I have always tried to make sure people know how much they mean to me, but after this I know that I need to try harder. When do you know it’s too late to tell someone how much they mean to you?
Hopefully it’s before they’re gone for good.
~Hayley Fray
Sun beam of love

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