TAO is a Way of Life

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To some, going to meetings is a way to get out of the house and away from the normal life of family.

Most go to meetings for the fellowship and the coffee, maybe a cigarette out back with the boys, definitely checkin’ out some new talent…wait did I say that? Yes I did, nothing more sick than a recovering junkie or drunk prick trying to use the steps and recovery as a way to pick up chicks…

Yes I have done it, and no I do not do it anymore, the difference here boys and girls is what is really SOBRIETY and CLEAN? It’s all the same thing: love and service…right? Oh that’s right I forgot…we are talking to a much wider audience and a much more diverse one…outside of AA and NA…move aside please and let anyone who is sick and suffering in.

Why hasn’t there been a new edition to the Big Book, which is basically the lifeline of AA and where NA came from. And stop with the infighting and name calling and childish bullshit please. While our friends die on the street in bathrooms and in bed, do you think their parents care whether they went to NA or AA? Go home if you judge and if you are a hypocrite we do not need you until you are ready to tell the truth and live the spiritual life.

Life is not a theory, we have to LIVE it.

Love is not a theory , we have to LIVE it.

Truth is not a theory, we have to LIVE it.


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All we want to express is this: join us on the broad highway to freedom. Freedom is where you are right now, this moment, not yesterday not tomorrow right now. No matter what, pray and love as much as you can.

We pray for Colleen Ritzer’s soul and her family and friends, may God be there in their hearts to heal the wound that is now bleeding. I love you.




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