Basketball Star’s Rise and Fall

Flash of White Lightnin'!

Flash of White Lightnin’!

I was born in an affluent suburb of Providence. RI. And as I grew up, I realized I had potential that others did not have. As High School came to an end, I was on top! Girls loved my personality and I became the Basketball stud that had chances to possibly it make the pros. I had many scholarship offers, but I knew I could do better.

I went to a prominent Division II college in Florida where I was the second shortest kid on the team ( 6’3″) with a 41 in. vertical leap. But, I messed up my knee and never played there again. I began meaningless jobs to pay for the ridiculous tuition. I had no one to help me financially. The next year I left the institution because my partial-scholarship was revoked due to my nonperformance on the team.

I decided to go back into the restaurant business, which I knew  well. I got stuck in it for a while, too long…

Eventually the path I took brought me deeper and deeper into the abyss.

When I finally decided that the path I was on was a path of destruction of my dreams,

I said to myself I need to fix this and lead a productive life and stop making excuses to go back to the sadness that had been part of my life for far too many years. And the cold-turkey attempt didn’t work; my body was addicted to it. I needed to go to rehab to get my body physically off of the substance. It is a tough decision to make; but I weighed the pros and cons. That made the decision clear…

I want to make you feel safe. I want to make you think you’ll be fine with ‘luck’. But addictions are always honest.

So that is what the cure has to be. I’ve been there. I’ve been helpless. I have been depressed. I have been physically sick. I have been under control of addiction. I have been at the bottom of the hole only to look up and ask the same question you have asked yourself: how do I get out?

I never have been the one to fear the challenges life presented, but I was humbled by the force that took over me. The vicious vixen that made me happy for the short term, but then sad later on. Eventually, I needed the potion to counter-act the effects of not having it in my system. I took a long look in the mirror, then I found out that the cure comes down to one simple ingredient the we all possess but don’t always choose to use:


Will-power is in direct correlation with confidence. Confidence is a virtue that every being ever to grace this planet with their presence has had. Humans have been spoiled for centuries by the advancement of our developing brain and now have wild ideas milling around in our heads; warped expectations. Think of your life up until now. What did you expect life to be. Is it realistic? Maybe. But you’re here now, and that’s much further away than you expected.

Guns can kill people. Do you wake up each day and think of a way to get a gun and place it to your head then pull the trigger? No. Do you ever think of licking your finger and sticking it in an electrical socket? No.  Maybe jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with no parachute? No. Ever think of injecting your self with arsenic? No. Ever think what harm that your choosing to do to your self can do? What about to your family and friends? Have you ever thought: what if I never let this garbage take victory over me?

You’re not weak; that is what you don’t understand. The toughest step is the one right in front of you: today. Forget about what happened yesterday because you cannot change that, but you can change the outlook for tomorrow.

And you can do it TODAY. So, go look in the mirror, look into your eyes for that power that you have and slay your dragon. It will be a rough journey, no doubt. To be brutally honest, your actions got you here and it will be your actions that get you out. So, stop finding reasons to harbor your addiction, and start looking for reasons to oust it.

But there is a bombshell of optimism I have for you; there is a way out… YOU.


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