Anonymous Poet


It’s everywhere, here and there

It’s like water it takes up space, it’s everywhere

You can see through it well, yet you can’t see

Its only issue, it just won’t let you be

It’s dark, it’s silent, it’s hidden under your bed

It’s the man in the coffin, dead.


It’s the hatred passed from one man to another

It’s the point of view from one to the other

It’s the evil you can see in someones eyes

It’s the space that was left in the fridge

Like the special home made apple pies.


It’s what turned a mountain to a ridge

It’s the pain and the pleasure, as the world dies

It’s the enemy of light

It’s the fear of losing your next fight

Now I am wondering if its human kind

We are looking for our next find.


It’s the clothes some people wear

Showing their lack of care

I got to say they aren’t real perky

As perky as pond water can be murky

You know what reminds me of  the dark?


That old fight mark.


It’s darkness, and it’s everywhere.


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