New Meeting Makes Miracles

On a long chilled night in October a gang of two…now three humans coming together for the sole purpose unlike any of the others: helping find truth in all the lies and spread love so not to hurt too many people.

Welcome to a new type of meeting where one can come and listen, even talk and get your voice heard.

We don’t care who you are, if you have something to say that you think will help other people in whatever way, just forget the bullshit and the lies and I am also talking about judgment and and defenses and who the fuck cares what you think anyways. Says the angry young soul who watches death daily from outside his little hobbit hole…poor me and frodo?

Frodo at least had a fellowship of friends who stood by each other, and not just on facebook or on the emails, not I am talking about getting together and united! Wu-tang?

Proteck the right to express this in a way that only the author can understand…since it is crazy. Yet this has an effect unlike any forms of therapy I have heard of, and know I am not alone on this.

Listen to the podcast now, and then meditate on it for a moment or two, if you know how then Namaste my brother! I am searching for fellowship and a good band of equals to keep moving forward in THE JOURNEY!

And So It Goes…Radio






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