Man Killed at Kenmore Station Bus Stop

Anonymous Reporter:
“I was at the Kenmore Station Bus Stop yesterday, October 15th 2013, and heard a loud ‘thud!’  In turning toward the alarming sound, I saw a man on the street about 20 feet away from my self. “
The I saw an s. u. v. pulled to the side, and soon learned that the man was hit by this vehicle.  I cannot begin to set causality, so I’ll keep what witnesses who say they saw the crash had said as just that, hear-say.
I can say, that soon after sight of the man, my hands and chest began to vibrate uneasily, and my mouth stayed open part way in shock.  Time seems to be a difficult thing to measure in such events so this is a loose set estimate, but I believe I continued watching his body lay motionless for about ten minutes.  This was as more emergency aid came to him with a stretcher…
My heart and mind reach out in compassion for this man, and as the same for his family and friends.
 I had an appointment with my Neurobehavioral Therapist.
All that took place over the next hour for me were a bit hazy and still tense.  I was heading to and waiting at Boston Medical Center.  I was relieved when my waiting period was over.
I was able to get some of the mental queries out of my conscious concerning stew…
I know not the outcome, and my personal preference simply wishes for the better.  I’ve seen life voided from a physical being before this in but wakes at funeral homes.
Whether or not this may have been a new experience for me, but my emotions nearly refuse to agree…
 And again, my heart and mind reach out in compassion for this man, and as the same for his family and friends.

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