Cape Cod Needs a SUPERHERO!


by C. St. Francis

“Are you my brother?”

Came a voice small but heavy. The young man looked behind him.

“I know you are!”

The voice came from a young girl, although he saw a much older soul in her eyes,

“I was born on Earth Day.”

There was nothing he could say, so the kid turned back around and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. Hopefully by ignoring her she would go away.

The fear that gripped that place he was now locked in…was so heavy it was like walking under water.

“I know something you don’t know!”

She laughed this laugh that sent spiders up my spine.

“You lost your uncle. I know, he is standing right next to you. He told me…”

I was staring at her from across the table of crayons and traces of forgotten faces.

“If you are lying to me I will be very upset.” Was all the kid could reply.

She gave him a look that made the eyes run and hide. ”

“It felt so surreal but so true. I had to believe it! What other choice did I have in this hopeless place!”
The young man told his therapist over the phone,

“It is like I relive these lives every night!”


Crashed into the room is a figure standing straight up and tall with his feet now on the young man’s chest.

Pot ruined your life, then alcohol tried to save it, remember cocaine? Moving down on to the opioids, or dope or herrrron (Killa Cam) flow.

“I remember when it was a man’s duty to stand up for his country! Not bow down like slaves to another human power.

Stop worshiping idols and sports stars. Shift the focus on to the saints walking the streets trying to help the sinners find a life they can live without hurting others in the whole gosh darn process.

We are not saints, we are solutions, and the universal truth is that like begets like, and if you would understand the prayers and how to practice and LIVE the spiritual way…”

The whole time this figure stood over this young man who really up until that point, had not done shit for his country.

“But somehow the world seemed a little bit brighter, and so he set out recruiting members and seeing that the future of this race called HUMAN…

His voice sounded strangely familiar…

Welcome to the light.” Said Jimi Hendrix…

Check out this funky fresh beautifully crafted and so infinitely imaginative sound with an even more amazing video:



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