Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of…


Columbus Day Weekend The Discovery of Freedom

Columbus Day Weekend The Discovery of Freedom

Click here to listen to And So It Goes…Radio and get exclusive interviews with members of this movement that started as a simple idea to change the way the people have been treated.

As you can see by the photographs of fellow friends and countrymen and women doing their duty as citizens to not be doormats to anyone, even the big bad government.

I live up north in the New England territory. Although lately I am second guessing everything I have been taught by the ones who might have lied in this grade school text books.

So I open my mind, take a step forward and volunteer to help. What can I, one man with a broken past that is being mended only through self-sacrifice and honesty, do to keep this movement going?


I give the love that is in my heart to you, and from that point on I have no control over what happens in the future, only what I have for the moment…a connection…a memory…a song…a picture…a story…

Thank you to the Walling Clan for your love and support and patriotism.




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