Streams of Anger and Fear


Why is it bad? It really isn’t, just crazy and out of control, yet we as a collective people aren’t doing anything to make it better, to control it and out of that turn the world into a beautiful place. It is possible, but we were told from day one lies that left us where we are now: clueless without hope for change or motivation to actually put some action in and change.

What is sad is that there are so many good people in this world that go unnoticed.

These are the ones who work for the greater good rather than for themselves.

People who could be considered saints, angels, or true Buddhas’, Jesus’, Krishnas’, Muhammeds’ disciples! Walking around without even knowing this yet still just doing what they can to help others.

Help others. Are you doing enough to help others? Some of us don’t know how, are too selfish, don’t care, or are not in a position to help. Others like me are learning how to help others, and this is the best place to be for me because if I am not helping others what am I really doing with my life? Just taking breath and food and water and service and what is mine and then leaving. I found through my experience that this leads only to unhappiness and discontentment.

I have had enough of turning the other way when I see something that is wrong. I am tired or watching the fucking news which really isn’t news, because if it was it would be new, and the killings, robberies, fires, disasters are not new! I am sick of hearing people cry out for changes in things that cannot be changed like gun control, drugs, and violence. Come on people, do you really think we can or will stand up and fight against illegal guns being transported into and made in this country? Same thing with drugs. We expect the police and FBI/CIA to fight that losing war, and go on about our lives as if it does not exist. What about violence? Well, that is something we can change.

It starts at home, but if the home is broken and dysfunctional or even a good home but the kid is strange and has disorders, what help is there for the kids growing up in today’s world? Pills and psych doctors that tell the kid lies about who he is, what he has, and what he will be in life. We have television as a baby sitter and video games as an escape, until they find adult toys to run away from this cold depressing world.

The first step in recovering and making changes is admitting there is a problem right? I love how we as humans pretend there isn’t a problem and walk right by it on the street, or see it on the news and change the channel, or hear about it on the radio and laugh, or read about it in the newspapers and forget about it.

So these children go from dysfunctional homes to a dysfunctional school system. I mentored a couple rough kids in Brighton who lived in projects and went to a school that forced the kids to wear uniforms because of gang colors and had police outside to ensure safety. WHAT THE FUCK! These two kids were crying out for help, because they were not bad kids when you actually sat down and talked/listened to them. It kills me when I see teachers who have no idea how to relate or reach a kid trying to help the children learn. Yeah right.

All the bullying, the gossip, the complete animalistic system that has gotten worse in schools is hurting our children. I heard of some teachers who even joined in at one point. What are these kids learning? I bet they learn more outside of the classroom than in it, because math and english and history and science just doesn’t make sense when the kid is worried about getting the shit kicked out of him at recess or going home to an alcoholic or drug addicted mother or father!

If the kid grows up and survives that system, he is a groomed and molded sheep that enters into the rat race we all see every morning as cars line up in traffic and trudge to work.

Fuck that. Why isn’t the world new and interesting every day? Why aren’t we waking up and thinking: who am I going to be today? What happened to the spirit of America where the flag meant something positive and to be one enabled you to be above the average with chances and opportunities?

Where are the American heroes? Where is the happiness, peace, contentment, love? It is here, just hidden behind billboards showing ugly people drinking or new cars or new phone plans, or on TV, in newspapers and magazines just crowded out of sight by bullshit, lies, and depressing madness that only serves one purpose: to keep people focused on buying shit they don’t need, taking pills and doing things to feel happy and at peace, and calling love an article in People magazine or good sex.

Just thinking about it wants a tidal wave to wash it all away, but no I am thinking that the end of the world is something else. It is an end of the old way of life, the materialistic madness and mania, end of black friday and holidays that have turned into a price tag, and the end of not caring about those around us…our brothers and sisters…our neighbors…we can end all of that negative horrible evil shit by being the change we want to see in the world, by changing ourselves to the point where we have unique experiences of overcoming problems, pain, unhappiness, loneliness, depression, anger, fear, alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, and sharing it with those who still suffer.

A good start is just being kind to one another on the street and in the store or at work dealing with customers and co-workers. Compassion is the most powerful energy in the world, and if we use that we are helping the person we are feeling it for. Helping each other when we can, just a smile or a hello or holding the door is a beginning. Doing a random act of kindness for someone just to do it.

Let’s stand up and help others stand and let’s walk towards a new world, one where kids aren’t killing kids and one where we don’t need to numb ourselves through things outside of ourselves. Or let’s just pray for the end, because this world sucks.

There are a lot of people in this country, and in this world, shit I think the 7 billionth kid was born in India! Imagine if half of them helped someone each day, from little things to big like taking them into your life and helping them live theirs, would change the world so much we wouldn’t recognize it!

I hope this inspires one person, because that is my act of love today, and if no one told you they loved you today I do.


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