“Occupy Spirituality sets out to challenge such misconceptions, explaining that we really can simultaneously make progress on both political and spiritual levels. The authors would contend that each path enhances the other. Structured as a cross-generational dialogue, Occupy Spirituality is the work of homeless youth advocate 37-year-old Adam Bucko and 71-year-old Matthew Fox, the internationally renowned Christian theologian who has sought to challenge the top-down hierarchy of patriarchal religion in favor of a more compassionate, creation-centered spirituality..”

Times Like These

At times like these, naked except for a bedsheet and hospital socks on my cold, aching feet, I wonder.

What happened to me?

Scratches and scrapes that will soon be stories to share my fame and all it’s glory. Yeah, right. Everyone has a story so don’t bore me. Stop being so negative ya big nancy and listen. Open your mind and follow along to what I am about to say.


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