The Illuminati Cultural Movement and Controversy

check out my website, and this could connect with Illuminati nicely…Rihanna? Isn’t she just entertainment with millions of fans and all sorts of sexy seductively sweet pleasures of naked skin and too much make up? hmm. TAO




It’s all over the Internet…has completely taken over Youtube…Shit, every time I type in the name of a Rihanna video, countless videos show up supposedly ‘exposing’ her affiliation to a secret organization known as the Illuminati.

But what the hell is the Illuminati?! There are so many theories on what type of organization this group really is and whether or not it actually exists. I mean is it a spiritual movement? Or is it something more political or cultural? If you were to google “Illuminati” what type of answers pop up in your search engine…probably a combination of all three.

All I can recommend to people who honestly and earnestly want to know more about this “Illuminati” thing is that they would be best off doing the research for themselves and coming up with their own opinions – I have mine.

In my mind the Illuminati is a…

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