Perfect Love is Possible

They say “progress, not perfection”

Very good advice to people like me who obsess over every detail and want to do it once, and perfectly, because I am so good at life and everything in it! Right? My father is shaking his head so I will have to move on and hope something meaningful comes out of this post.

But what about being perfect at love? Think about it…use your mind to imagine the possibilities that exist for you and your people…

“Perfect love casteth out fear”

That’s a quote from a bible verse. When people think of love I doubt they picture the bible or church or religion, so skip this post if you are Catholic! Ouch.

Actually, I know a Catholic man from Ireland. He is a swell old chap. After leaving the Catholic church in Ireland to come to America and follow a movement called ‘New Thought’, his mother was really upset with her son for leaving the church she so dearly held on to.

His reply, full of love and understanding, went like this:

“Mother, I didn’t leave the church. No, I just evolved beyond it.”

This man was full of love, and used that love as a gift to be given to everyone around him. He did this in small ways like smiling, or laughing out loud so that people would hear him and turn their heads, where he would pray for them and send them positive energy. This was a Catholic man practicing Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity all together: he loved his neighbor as he loved himself.

Now, what happened to that love? Where did it go? Why is the world not talking, not listening, not looking up from their phones, and not smiling?

Perfect Love…what does LOVE even mean anyways? Is it the love for my dog Charlie, a black lab who I adore, and who I share a special connection with? Is it my friends who I share intimate contact with? Is it my family, my mother and father and my sister? Is it the love I feel when they pick up my phone call or visit me just to hug me?

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…ha! Guess that movie song reference!

Night at the Roxbury you got it!

I find myself walking along a dark street with no lights. The only light that illuminates my path is the moon and the sun. Each step is precise each breath is: in Love…out Fear…breathe in Love, breath out Fear.

I look over my shoulder to check out the blind spot, and I keep moving forward.

Up ahead I see three young guys walking toward me on the same street. I hesitate and question my safety. Who are these guys, are they hostile, do they want to fight? Or are they just walking home from work, tired from another long days work? I tread around them.

As I get closer I notice they are about 18 or 19, and have the look of a much older body. I nod out of courtesy, but it is what they don’t see that is the most important thing I could every possibly hope to give to another human being: silent love.

I hold each of their faces in my mind, and I feel my heart beat, and I feel my hands together, and I think of their life…I imagine what it is like and what they have been through to bring them to the streets of Cape Cod…homeless.

I send them love. I give to them as I walk by. No words exchanged, not even a smile or a wave, just another nobody passing through like a ghost in the moonlight.

But I am not just another nobody, I am that I am, and I am here for a purpose that is higher than a junkie in an airplane! I am here to help. I have too much love to not help.

Please let me know who is out there, is there anyone out there who feels the same way? AM I ALONE?

Question Mark!

What does this look like to you?


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