“Occupy Spirituality sets out to challenge such misconceptions, explaining that we really can simultaneously make progress on both political and spiritual levels. The authors would contend that each path enhances the other. Structured as a cross-generational dialogue, Occupy Spirituality is the work of homeless youth advocate 37-year-old Adam Bucko and 71-year-old Matthew Fox, the internationally renowned Christian theologian who has sought to challenge the top-down hierarchy of patriarchal religion in favor of a more compassionate, creation-centered spirituality..”

Times Like These

At times like these, naked except for a bedsheet and hospital socks on my cold, aching feet, I wonder.

What happened to me?

Scratches and scrapes that will soon be stories to share my fame and all it’s glory. Yeah, right. Everyone has a story so don’t bore me. Stop being so negative ya big nancy and listen. Open your mind and follow along to what I am about to say.


The Illuminati Cultural Movement and Controversy

check out my website, and this could connect with Illuminati nicely…Rihanna? Isn’t she just entertainment with millions of fans and all sorts of sexy seductively sweet pleasures of naked skin and too much make up? hmm. TAO




It’s all over the Internet…has completely taken over Youtube…Shit, every time I type in the name of a Rihanna video, countless videos show up supposedly ‘exposing’ her affiliation to a secret organization known as the Illuminati.

But what the hell is the Illuminati?! There are so many theories on what type of organization this group really is and whether or not it actually exists. I mean is it a spiritual movement? Or is it something more political or cultural? If you were to google “Illuminati” what type of answers pop up in your search engine…probably a combination of all three.

All I can recommend to people who honestly and earnestly want to know more about this “Illuminati” thing is that they would be best off doing the research for themselves and coming up with their own opinions – I have mine.

In my mind the Illuminati is a…

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It Happened…Again

How many times have you been down and out?

What did it feel like to slowly lose yourself to a drug, a drink, a relationship, a piece of food, a job, all in the name of righteous rationalizations and “it won’t happen to me’s”?

The end is never a pretty sight to behold as you realize that after all the deceit, manipulation, and lies…there you are. Beautifully miserable you with all the shortcomings, defects, and resentments that will kill you. Every one who has ever tried to love you is on the sidelines, some already left because they saw no hope for the home team to win this insidiously sick insane game that keeps score through guilt remorse and shame.

When did you realize there was a problem, and after that realization what is like to experience complete defeat at the fear of ever overcoming the past that brings you to tears?

I remember and always will remember that moment when the world seemed to turn its back to my cries for help outside a dealers house in Dorchester. The rain poured like pain on my soul holding on the only hope I held close…a wooden cross and a silver Jesus…my life shattered into a bunch of missing puzzle pieces as I sat there soaked seeking anything for relief.

Do I get up and walk into the darkness surrounding me?

Where will I go? Who will take me in? I am no good, nothing, worthless, not even worth loving just look at what I have done…imagine the consequences of lying face down underneath the sun…kinda sounds appealing when all I can hear is my mind tearing out my eyes blind screaming…

Hold tight to the cross, it’s all I have left. Lord I am so lost please just take me right now, no more breath no more pain no more shame only death…I can’t do this…I can’t make it in this world…tears blend with rain drops splatter mixing emotions with oceans of past, present, and future omens…

God what do I do? Look at me! Look where I am! I failed, I cannot succeed…no matter how  hard I try…I always end of crying to the sky as I shake rattle and roll in between being high…

I love you God…I love you God…I love you God is all I can say, my hands are cold lifeless and dirty…they shake…please God help me make it through the night. If I make it and next day awake I will never forget the deal we made and get up, stand up, start walking the talking I used to do during all those nights  prayed…

As I felt new strength flow in, as I felt my Creator showing his power, his love, his strength like a hurricane of spirit blowing I stood up straight tall and strong. Underweight, strung out and full of self hate I put one foot in front of the other…I got help from my family, my friends, my brother….and now I am here to say that it was not a waste that you stayed up all night and prayed…here is your answer…

Life Used to BE

What happened to the world?

Why do I feel so alone?

I can see my breath in the stone cold






So I recollect what I know about myself, and I realize something…there is a power inside of me that is worth more than this feeling, this thought, this emotion, this medication in the form of pot…

I have been smoking medical marijuana given to me almost for free by a “caregiver” as relief from symptoms of a virus I seem to have. Blood work will determine exactly what it is that makes me feel sick. The medical pot has got me out of bed and moving at a regular pace, as well as heightened my faculties and senses so that I am more aware than if I was not on it. 

If you strip away the act of taking it, same thing like using a needle for diabetes, and put pot in a pill…it’s the same thing and even better if I saw a psych doctor who was able to guide me through what can be a hard time. 

I found out I had Hepatitis C on a gray day in November 2012. I was driving in the car with my friend and sponsor Mike C. He is an amazing man by the way, if he would just take the time to let someone tell him that! Aaannywho, I got the call from my gay doctor Ryan, whom I just love because he was the first doctor to look me in the eye with care and kindness while wearing tight jeans and  a look of stunning. After we scheduled appointments for the liver clinic, I hung the phone up and looked out the window. 

The world passes by even when your life gets hit by something that will change your life forever. Doesn’t even stop or slow down either, in fact who are you? Exactly, move along.

I didn’t really have a reaction to the news, nothing notable at least, The most I felt was regret, but it was readily supplanted by a positive affirmation of some sort like “this will all pass” or “but for the grace of God” and fill in the blank on and on it goes as I neared 60 days sober! I was doing meetings, I was living in a recovery house, I was helping others as much as I could when I wasn’t being selfish, and basically starting over again in a good place on Cape Cod.

The whole time, inside under my skin in my body, a disease grew up and now I am facing something I nor the doctors know. So I will just keep moving forward with my head held high. I did this to myself remember? The disease did it. I am taking responsibility for my actions of sharing syringes that were dirty. I accept the fact that I could die from this decision. Amazing the power of drugs over an addict? Right? 

Before I get judged, I want to tell everyone I love you, and this is not just love I say every once and a while but never really express in action, this is Love!

I want to thank the people who tried to help me, or offered a hand that picked me back up after another fall to the bottom. My poor family, it is almost like they are afraid to have hope and get excited that I am clean and sober…afraid they will get hurt again.

The hardest part is the carrying of guilt and remorse for wrongs done in the past between people your love. How do you get past the anger, resentment, dishonesty, and fear that is created when fights turn into repeat offenses and problems that one should never put on others. 

We are all fighting our own wars, our own battles, and when someone comes into the room and tries to fight you…just look them in the eye. They will run for their life!


“He said I’m insane”

As the counselor just stared

Who couldn’t relate to my pain…

I am in,,,a world of lies and pride…this place, where I am standing…watching my mother cry…every ounce of fear and doubt oozing out onto the ground. 

I hang my head in tears.

As my soul slowly fades away into the abyss and dies.

Perfect Love is Possible

They say “progress, not perfection”

Very good advice to people like me who obsess over every detail and want to do it once, and perfectly, because I am so good at life and everything in it! Right? My father is shaking his head so I will have to move on and hope something meaningful comes out of this post.

But what about being perfect at love? Think about it…use your mind to imagine the possibilities that exist for you and your people…

“Perfect love casteth out fear”

That’s a quote from a bible verse. When people think of love I doubt they picture the bible or church or religion, so skip this post if you are Catholic! Ouch.

Actually, I know a Catholic man from Ireland. He is a swell old chap. After leaving the Catholic church in Ireland to come to America and follow a movement called ‘New Thought’, his mother was really upset with her son for leaving the church she so dearly held on to.

His reply, full of love and understanding, went like this:

“Mother, I didn’t leave the church. No, I just evolved beyond it.”

This man was full of love, and used that love as a gift to be given to everyone around him. He did this in small ways like smiling, or laughing out loud so that people would hear him and turn their heads, where he would pray for them and send them positive energy. This was a Catholic man practicing Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity all together: he loved his neighbor as he loved himself.

Now, what happened to that love? Where did it go? Why is the world not talking, not listening, not looking up from their phones, and not smiling?

Perfect Love…what does LOVE even mean anyways? Is it the love for my dog Charlie, a black lab who I adore, and who I share a special connection with? Is it my friends who I share intimate contact with? Is it my family, my mother and father and my sister? Is it the love I feel when they pick up my phone call or visit me just to hug me?

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…ha! Guess that movie song reference!

Night at the Roxbury you got it!

I find myself walking along a dark street with no lights. The only light that illuminates my path is the moon and the sun. Each step is precise each breath is: in Love…out Fear…breathe in Love, breath out Fear.

I look over my shoulder to check out the blind spot, and I keep moving forward.

Up ahead I see three young guys walking toward me on the same street. I hesitate and question my safety. Who are these guys, are they hostile, do they want to fight? Or are they just walking home from work, tired from another long days work? I tread around them.

As I get closer I notice they are about 18 or 19, and have the look of a much older body. I nod out of courtesy, but it is what they don’t see that is the most important thing I could every possibly hope to give to another human being: silent love.

I hold each of their faces in my mind, and I feel my heart beat, and I feel my hands together, and I think of their life…I imagine what it is like and what they have been through to bring them to the streets of Cape Cod…homeless.

I send them love. I give to them as I walk by. No words exchanged, not even a smile or a wave, just another nobody passing through like a ghost in the moonlight.

But I am not just another nobody, I am that I am, and I am here for a purpose that is higher than a junkie in an airplane! I am here to help. I have too much love to not help.

Please let me know who is out there, is there anyone out there who feels the same way? AM I ALONE?

Question Mark!

What does this look like to you?

The art of luxury – a bijoux couture bracelet

Șic și clasic - "Chic & Classic" luxury fine arts, entirely handcrafted, original design

A unique and original bracelet, strictly made only by hand using natural agate gemstones.

Couture is the real art of fashion, because fine arts are made strictly by hand, in just one or two piece for a special owner.
For such a work and design price at request

Enjoy of pictures!


Arta luxului – o bratara din categoria bijuterii de inalta clasa

O bratara unica si originala, realizata strict manual folosind agate naturale

Inalta clasa, este arta adevarata a modei, deoarece artele fine sunt realizate in mod strict numai manual, in unul sau cel mult 2 exemplare aproape identice si numai pentru un proprietar special.

Pentru o asemenea creatie (munca si design) – pret la cerere 

romanian fashion design Adelina Mariesbijoux coutureluxury fashionluxury jewelry

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