New find: Poem: Coffee by Charlotte Davidson. Click to read a story of heartbreak that everyone can relate to.

Welcome to a new magazine that is reaching out to those sick and suffering souls who feel alone, who feel afraid, who feel there is no hope…and grabbing their hands and pulling them to safety. We do this through the telling of our stories and sharing our experiences of strength over weakness, courage over fear, hope over despair, and good over evil.

Rock Bottom…MAGAZINE is a new kind of publication that is made BY YOU and FOR YOU. Who are you? You are the beautiful souls out in the world who want to make a difference in the lives of others by helping, serving, and being kind. You have been through something tragic, horrible, or challenging and you want to tell the world about it.

Let us do some good in a world gone mad! Now accepting your stories, articles, poems, artwork, design, music, videos…email andsoitgoesmag@gmail.com to find out what you can do to help others. Every one of us has a story but these stories are not being heard. When one of us tells our story in Rock Bottom…MAGAZINE, someone across the world who is going through the same thing relates, and then feels a little hope that they too can get through it.

That hope SAVES LIVES!


Sunken deep down into the dark depths,
           So far no light has reached this part
                        As I swim in suspended silence,
                                     I keep fighting to survive I pray for breath
         Or is it death?

One who is drowning has no fight left

To struggle and rebel against the truth will tell,

Everywhere is darkness, time is running out

Life leaves the heart as silence surrounds

My body no more, drowned.

                                               Awoken from sleep.

Celtic Yin Yang

                                            Freedom from another dream
                                         To find myself on a screen
                                     Watching myself as a teen
                            Playing a role in a familiar sceneā€¦

                               The young boy is locked inside
                                    Rusty bars in a cell. He cries,
                                        No one can hear his pleas, denied.

         They lied.

                                           Against the urges he did fight
                                               So hard he did try.

He tells himself lies
As the sunshine hides
In the Long


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    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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